You lead a busy life! If you don’t have time to wait for a contractor, the Cable Guy or a special delivery, let us do it for you.

Our Concierge services are designed to complement your lifestyle and help you with household chores you don’t have time for.

Other casa concerns not on the list? Our door is open to helping you with all your home care needs.

Concierge service rates are $25/hour.

Balance your life

Balance your life. Delegate to us.

Sit and Stay:

We’ll wait at your house while repairmen, deliverymen, or your pre-arranged contractors complete assignments.


If you don’t have a family charwoman, we’re happy to help you with housecleaning needs.

From light dusting to deep cleaning, we can provide that service for you also.

Floral Arrangements:

It's a dirty job.  We love it.

It’s a dirty job. We love it.

We’ll arrange for fresh flowers (from your list of favorites) and have them waiting for you.

Pet Visits:

Visit and care for any household pets that require attention when you’re away for the day.

Shop and Stock:

You provide your shopping list, including groceries, household supplies and replacement items, such as light bulbs, water filters, salt pellets, etc and we’ll shop it and stock it for you.

Esoteric Errands:

Let us arrange it for you.

Let us arrange it for you.

Do you want to host a party in your home and need a helping hand? Don’t have time to run a relative to the airport or doctor appointment? Entertaining friends and need a wine tasting expert?

We’re happy to indulge your unique requests for those special engagements you need help with.

We want to be your Casa Coordinator wherever possible and when needed.


We’re happy to help you find the right contractor for bigger household needs.

Our network includes handymen, landscapers, painters, roofers, restoration companies, housekeepers, chauffeurs and more.

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