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"Your Casa Concierge." - DH

With over 30 years’ experience serving the needs of valley homeowners; we have built our reputation on a foundation of trust, honesty and commitment to every client need.
Our team of reliable home inspectors is fully vetted, bonded and insured.
Doolittle’s Housesitting does not provide tenants for free rent in exchange for house care.
We do care for your home while you are away, via inspection checks, to ensure your house is safe and operating properly.
Doolittle’s House sitting provides regular house visits and inspection checks for absentee owners. We are committed to providing safety and security of your home…your casa and place of refuge. We work in concert with you to ensure that your home, your precious investment, is routinely monitored and protected.
Doolittle's Housesitting Services.

We will gladly arrive when needed and stay until the job is complete


Let us help you protect your home when you are away. We offer regular visits, according to your specific needs and time frames.


Time is a precious and limited resource. If you don’t have time to wait for the “Cable Guy”, greet a contractor or be present for a special delivery, let us do it for you!


Whether you live here year-round, seasonally or have your vacant home on the market, we want to help you keep your house humming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a pest control company to monitor infestation and treat if needed. Do I need you to check for outdoor pest or bird problems?

Based on your existing contracts, whether weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, we’re happy to  be your second set of eyes.  At a minimum, we will sweep up any dead bugs inside your home!

Remember, we are keeping an eye on the interior of your home as well!

I already have a landscaper & pool company to monitor my front and backyard. What more do you offer for exterior protection?

We work in concert with your current service providers.  Most landscapers will not remove solicitation materials from the front door or replace burned out light bulbs (unless you build that into your contract; recommended).  Arizona is famous for monsoons which can cause unforeseen damage from falling debris.   We recommend “storm checks”, in addition to regular visits, to ensure that any damage is quickly assessed and addressed.

I already have a home security system. Why hire you?

Despite sophisticated monitoring systems, nature can interfere and most systems can’t flush toilets or run the showers!  If not used for a lengthy period of time, traps can become dry and sewer odors will enter your home.  Simply running faucets and taps will refill the trap and eliminate the odor.  We will also check for any plumbing leaks and alert you immediately to avoid costly repairs and excess water usage later.

My home system allows remote access to lock/unlock my doors when contractors or deliveries are scheduled. Why pay you to let them in?

If you completely trust the individual or company you’ve hired, then you don’t need us to coordinate or supervise those special arrangements.  However, all of our house tenders are vetted, insured and bonded, providing you with peace of mind that the job gets done properly and securely.

My friends and neighbors are able to check on my house when I’m away. What more do I need?

If your absence is for a short period, your friends and neighbors are great solutions for home care!  In the event they will be out of town when you are, we’re happy to help even if only for a few weeks. We do not require long-term contracts.

How do you "vet" your home inspectors?

We do not subscribe to public platforms such as Craigslist or Care.com. Our inspectors are based on selective referral and subject to careful screening, including background and criminal checks, along with long-term employment history and proven reliability.

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